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'Drive' is a design strategy we developed to re-engage Dialectical Behaviour Therapy participants with the current 'outdated' resources, and in turn, decrease the incidence of self harm and suicidal behaviour of distressed young people through DBT. Drive is our key metaphor for our design strategy, both as a visual tool and as a philosophical motif. Drive is about motivation and a journey, a multidimensional experience that takes the users of DBT on a journey, from A to B: from the beginning where they are at the risk of self harm to B, where they have the tools, skills and motivation to ‘live a life worth living’.


Our strategy focuses on the orientation process of DBT and how to make the process more engaging, informative but not overwhelming. ‘The outcome of DBT is entirely dependent on the users practicing their skills’, therefore our travel kit/care packaging is all about incorporating mindfulness into the user's everyday lives. It provides simple and fun packages that appeal to the five senses: touch, smell, sound, sight and audio.

  • Rosie Percival
  • Elise McDonald
  • Rueben Meredith
  • Courtney Bragg
  • Olivia Santner   




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