Branding, WEB UI/UX, Photography


Kenakena wanted to update their branding and School Website — the older branding and website had become dated, and they needed a design solution that would reflect their school vision; exciting, motivating and positive. We wanted to make the site user friendly and uncluttered — there was a large volume of essential information, that needed to be presented in a visually attractive way. I spent a day photographing the Students and staff in-action to produce unique photographs that would break up the information on the site while creating a real essence and flavour of what Kenakena School was about. We aimed to keep the design simple and polished with a youthful and bright colour palette and typeface. The main users of the site would be school parents, and the parents of prospective students, requiring the design to remain youthful and reflective of the school’s values, while appealing to an older audience. See the website at





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