Waihoanga retreat, Kāpiti, New Zealand 



Lucy & Katie's wedding was beautifully intimate. Family and Friends ventured out into the hills to arrive at the Waihoanga retreat, nestled in the forest on the banks of the Otaki River. Let me start by saying — if you haven't considered Waihoanga as a wedding venue, I strongly suggest you take a look! The ceremony was held under the trees where the Brides stood on a woven mat Lucy's father had made in their homeland of Kiribati island. The words, poems and vows that were shared were perfectly chosen to reflect the love these amazing, talented women share for each other, and emphasised their selflessness, dedication and warmth they share with not just each other, but in their communities, and their work in the mental health sector. One more thing that needs to be mentioned is how the story of how Lucy and Katie's relationship began and bloomed which was accompanied by an interpretive dancer... something special I'll never forget. 




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