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Why is it that something which nurtures our environment is contained in a product that pollutes it? What if we could grow packaging the same way nature grows plants? The brief for this project asked us to work collaboratively on a multi-disciplinary project. In response to the open brief, we created Potcha – a social enterprise offering environmentally conscious gardeners an innovative product that contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle while nurturing plants from shelf to soil. Potcha pots are made from SCOBY, A Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. SCOBY is a bi-product of fermented Kombucha tea. It is sustainable, biodegradable and can be grown to any shape and thickness. As SCOBY breaks down in the soil it releases nutrients that naturally raise soil acidity, allowing the absorption of much needed nutrients. SCOBY’s properties can provide plants with nutrients from shelf to soil, giving it a competitive advantage over plastic or polythene pots. Potcha – growing pots the same way nature grows plants.



Kendyl Bird
Frankie Bywater
Katerina Jensen
Chloe Johnston
Elise McDonald
Gili Sharrock
Amanda Waller




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