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Step inside is a digital campaign that aims to create awareness, and conversation around mental illness through a mini-documentary series. New Zealanders who experience mental illness invite us inside their minds, offering us an opportunity to express thoughts and questions, and gain empathy and understanding. The series is supported by digital and physical branded content, and a website which encourages conversation and submissions on mental health issues in New Zealand. This was my 4th year final project at Massey University.

Experiencing Mania (Bipolar Disorder)

What it’s like to experience Anxiety

A Day in the life: Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder

20 Years Living with Depression

The short documentary series aims to be as accessible and spreadable as possible. We reached audiences through social media, with concise, yet insightful, relatable, and memorable accounts of mental illness experiences. The series generated over 15,000 views, and attracted conversation, and public submissions for future episodes. The animations are a useful in communicating and experience that is already difficult for people without that mental illness to experience. The words and marks that appear in the videos help to emphasise and draw attention to the aspects of the experience which can’t be seen be- cause their taking place in side the persons body and brain. 




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